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General Practice Research Network:
Facilitating Evidence-Based Healthcare

The General Practice Research Network is a collaborative network of General Practices dedicated to healthcare improvement. Led and governed by GPs, with an advisory committee rooted in general practice, research, and health systems enhancement, the network's goal is to promote the application of primary care datasets in healthcare. Committed to rigorous data governance, the GPRN offers a crucial platform for researchers to access de-identified primary care patient data, facilitating valuable research and clinical trials with practices and patients. 

 Data Governance

At the General Practice Research Network, our top priority is data governance, emphasising security, trust, data ethics, and confidentiality.

Advisory Committee: Ensuring Ethical, Security and Governance Standards 

The GPRN Advisory Committee for Data Governance and Strategy is pivotal in upholding our ethical standards and driving activities.

Guiding Principles

The GPRN Guiding Principles underpin the responsible use of data for the greater good.

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