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Guiding Principles

The GPRN is firmly grounded in the quintuple aims of healthcare. These guiding aims are dedicated to improving the individual's healthcare experience, enhancing population health, reducing per capita healthcare costs, facilitating a better professional experience of delivering care, and advancing health equity. At the GPRN, these core principles serve as the foundation for our data governance, research, and public health efforts, ensuring that healthcare is a just, effective, and patient-centric experience for all.

The Quintuple Aims: Guiding Principles of the GPRN


Our foundation is built upon the quintuple aims of healthcare:  


1. Improving the Individual’s Experience of Healthcare 


The first aim is to enhance the individual's experience of healthcare. Our primary care data collection focuses on patient experiences and outcomes to ensure that healthcare is centered around their unique needs. 


2. Enhancing Population Health 


The second aim is to improve population health. By aggregating de-identified patient data, we aim to contribute to public health research that advances the overall well-being of communities and individuals. 


3. Reducing Per Capita Healthcare Costs 


Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare delivery is the third aim. By responsibly utilising data to inform healthcare decisions, we aspire to make healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, ultimately reducing the financial burden on individuals and society. 


4. Enhancing Professional Experience of Delivering Care 


The fourth aim is to improve the professional experience of delivering care. Our research endeavors are geared towards supporting healthcare providers in their clinical practices by providing them with the insights needed for enhanced patient care. 


5. Advancing Health Equity 


The fifth aim is to advance health equity. We aim to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, has equal access to quality healthcare services, working towards a fair and just healthcare system for all. 

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